Renewable & Interesting Facts


Objective research concludes with only one consistent fact – “Our resources are growing, continue to increase, and are sustainable”:
We grow more trees in Europe than we fell, thus creating an increase in forest across Europe by the equivalent of 100 football pitches per hour.
Europe, where 90% of our UK supply originates from, has increased its surplus production year on year.  The annual surplus of growth over harvesting is some 252 million m³ – roughly 30 times the total annual UK consumption.
In Sweden there is more standing forest now than at any other time since the last Ice Age and it has cut and re-generated it’s forest three times in the last three hundred and fifty years.  In 2006/2007 annual growth was in excess of 120 million m3.
Trees cover about a third of the USA and are more plentiful than they were 75 years ago.  More than 4 million trees are planted every day in America and more are grown each year than harvested or lost to forest fires.  There is more standing timber now than when Christopher Columbus made landfall.
British Forests (FSC Certified) now supply a third of all softwood consumed in the UK – a threefold increase in the last 30 years – this means a huge decrease in the Carbon Footprint.
More than 91% of what was originally forest in Canada remains forest.  Canada has the lowest level of de-forestation anywhere.  Less than 1% is harvested each year and must be re-forested.