Sustainability & the Environment

Membership of EATTA demonstrates compliance with National codes of conduct, Chains of Custody and Central Point of Expertise on Timber Procurement (CPET).

We are proud to claim that our Industry uses the world’s only multi purpose 100% renewable resource. It is, we believe, therefore, unique.

It is naturally sustainable, recyclable and bio-degradable. Managed properly, we feel justified in claiming it to be The Most Environmentally responsible building material available today.

All building materials increasingly have to demonstrate their environmental credentials. Through EATTA we can demonstrate our belief that timber is Green by Nature’s Design.

EATTA is a member of The Timber Trade Federation. In turn, Forests Forever is the environmental voice of the TTF. Forests Forever aims to present the environmental case for timber products, promote sustainable improvements in the overall environmental performance of the industry, encourage responsible forest practices and provide education and information to all.


The EUTR came into force in March 2013 and prohibits the placing of illegally harvested timber on the EU market. Crucially, the EUTR requires companies placing timber or timber products on the EU market (both imported and domestic) to implement a Due Diligence system for the first time. Failure to do so can see timber companies facing a criminal charge.


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